My name is Edgar Häner.

I did a PhD at the School of Mathematics and the Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Prof Anne Juel. Before I did a MPhys in the School of Physics and Astronomy also at the University of Manchester.

I’m intrugied by seemingly simple problems that behave in a non-trivial way. As a result I have become a Data Scientist because it combines subject knowledge with analtical methods and programming.  My principle research during my PhD was in the behaviour of complex systems in the field of fluid-structure interaction. More about this can be found here

For my masters I investigated the dynamics of pedestrian evacuation.

This is my personal page where I put asorted random stuff anf  physics & maths stuff from my research and my undergard degree.

The title of the page comes from an a possible interpretation of weak measurments in Quantum Mechanics. Negative Probability was first proposed by Dirac, if one take probabilities as betting odds rather than real outcomes. Recent experiments seem to show that negative probability migth be inherent in Quantum Mechanics Abstract and PDF . While I don’t do any research in this area myself, I’m quite excited about this and hence the name of the page.

You can reach my by emailing edgar at the url of this website.